Children Deserve Their Own Toys, Not Hand-Me-Downs

When a child first gets a new toy, the excitement lasts maybe a week. After the excitement fades, they tend to get into the “adult” toys, such as a wallet, computer, DVD collection, even the bathroom cupboards, for fun. It is hard to keep up with their wants and needs because they change so fast! One day they are into trains, the next pirates. That’s why it’s important to know where the local toy store is! Pocket pussy

Nowadays there are several consignment shops, even garage sales in the summertime, that make it hard to justify purchasing gifts at an original price. If you have siblings who have children, hand-me-downs are non-stop. This is all well and good, but each child is different. They are different individuals that deserve their own toys.

Toddlers (ages 1-2) are always on the move being curious and climbing whatever they may. Toddlers are also sponges. So providing them with knowledge is the best solution to keep them physically and mentally active. A barn yard set, complete with appropriate animals is a great start for young minds. Move onto shapes and inserting them into the appropriate shape slot, like a puzzle. Typically the shapes are a specific color; so they can learn shapes and colors at the same time. Male sex toy

Preschoolers are gaining better hand-eye coordination and getting a better sense of self. This allows parents to get more creative with gifts. Perhaps, they are really into art or baking, even photography. Purchasing a toy video camera, keyboard, or remote control vehicle will help children learn more about their likes and dislikes; in addition, bigger toys mean bigger responsibility. At this age, children can learn what it is like to earn something valuable.

Skipping an age group and moving to ages 8-12, is really where kids are gaining a sense of self, creativity and a better understanding of likes and dislikes. Perhaps, it is not a coloring book, but a paint set for the artist. Instead of a remote-controlled toy, it’s an intricate building module that they put together themselves. Expand their horizons here, with an archery set, made of foam of course.

Most of the suggested toys are primarily indoor toys. For the summer and those living in nice weather climates year round, there is always the classic option of a swing set! Don’t forget to include the slide in the frame. Another option is including a fort to the swing set. It encloses the top of the slide, with an extra sitting option on the side to make it a fort, slide, swing set.


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