Considering Your New Year’s Resolution

The New Year will come soon. As usual, the start of each New Year is when many of you start thinking about the future and looking at where your lives are going. Do you have a New Year’s resolution? If you are like most people, you surely have at least one resolution. Your resolution can be losing weight, getting a better job, getting married, or simply getting a life. Even, millions of Americans make the resolution to quit smoking. Walmart open or close on Christmas day 2021

Unfortunately, no matter the kind of changes you want, most people fail at keeping them. Even, their resolutions are broken often before January is over. Resolutions are made, often the same ones time and time again. Within weeks, life gets back into the normal routine and these pledges are forgotten.

That is why before considering what you would like in the future and what your New Year resolutions might be, consider your hopes, dreams and intentions of the past that have never been realized. Are they still important? Is it worth making them a real goal for the future?

It is better for you to focus on one resolution only. Based on experience, committing to more than one thing is overwhelming. So, pick the one that you really want to do or change and make that your project for 2010.

In addition, one of the biggest problems in keeping a resolution is that you simply aim too high. Resolving to lose a few pounds of weight is more realistic goal than resolving to look more like Mariah Carey. Setting a goal of completely changing your life, your career, your family relations, etc. is also too broad. So, keep your goals small and simple.

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