How to Extend the Life of Your Samsung galaxy M01 Camera


Samsung Galaxy S is one of the most widely used mobile phones in the world. With various upgrades and new features coming with each model, Samsung Galaxy S is a handy device that can be used anywhere at any time. It is one of the most feature rich devices available in the market today. Samsung Galaxy S comes loaded with plenty of features, which makes it a popular choice among young as well as aged people. Samsung Galaxy S has four models – the Exterior Mobile, Exterior Mini, Subscriber Mobile and User’s notebook. samsung galaxy m01

Samsung Galaxy S is equipped with a stunning 4.2-inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen, running on Windows Mobile OS 3.1. Samsung Galaxy S comes with an impressive connectivity features with the likes of micro USB, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. This gives users the freedom to connect their smartphone to several accessories such as Bluetooth headsets, mobile phone data cable and infrared proximity sensor.

The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a high-end mobile phone memory which contains the likes of Samsung’s own ELDEXO XP, Megalix memory card, UTStar tower, Secure Digital card, International Data Network (IDSN) and a high speed cellular radio, the SKYPE local quad band. Users can connect their Samsung Galaxy S to a variety of data networks, which includes the likes of Virgin broadband, Virgin Wireless, T-Mobile and Vodafone. It also comes with a powerful multimedia support, thanks to the Samsung Gallery. The Samsung Galaxy S also comes with a wide range of connectivity features including FLEX, BOLT, USB, OMA, GPRS and EDGE.

The Samsung Galaxy S comes with a wide screen, the beauty of which cannot be missed. Samsung has also added a number of user friendly features to the Samsung Galaxy S. These features include an inbuilt memory of 16GB, which is expandable using microSD. This is available along with Samsung’s own Theme Manager and Quick Panel. This allows users to arrange their home screen, contacts, browsers and their email in a way that suits them. Apart from this, the Samsung Galaxy S has a unique autofill feature, which enables it to remind user to switch off the screen when they enter the home or other multi-window applications.

In the primary camera setup of the Samsung galaxy m01, Samsung has placed the primary camera at the top right corner of the phone. This allows for easy access to the primary camera, whether one is using the camera or the picture messaging application. The portrait mode in the Samsung Galaxy S allows the user to place the focus on one particular feature or many features, depending upon the kind of shot that they want to take.

The Samsung Galaxy S has a nice feature known as “ducking”. It allows the user to turn off the on-screen notifications, so that one can concentrate on other tasks. When the on screen notifications are disabled, the RAM of the Samsung Galaxy S will increase, enabling it to run android programs better than ever. If you want to increase the memory of your Samsung Galaxy S, use the same procedure that you would do with any other device, by going into the system settings and selecting “abytes”. You should then go ahead and add the additional memory in the same way that you add RAM to your mobile device.

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