Industrial Designer Cool Mobile Realme gt master Edition


The all new Realme GT Master Edition is the most advanced handset from the brand in the present scenario. It comes loaded with cutting-edge technology to cater to the growing needs of mobile users. The newly launched phone has an integrated camera, which has a high pixel resolution. The entire package is loaded with features that are not available with any other device in the market today. realme gt master edition

The Realme GT Master Edition comes with a large colorful touch screen. (express image) The user interface is very much intuitive and user friendly. The Realme GT also sports a 16 mega-pixelpixel camera, which has a lens that can be adjusted in different distances. The internal memory of the phone is expandable and this allows the user to add extra data storage so that they can upload images and videos of their family and friends that they have captured with their real gt master edition camera.

Coming to the unique design of the Realme GT, it comes with a combination of unique material and function. One such unique design element is the vegan leather finish which gives the phone’s a classy look. This is in stark contrast to the mass produced glass and plastic phones of the market. The mid-range phones of Realme, which are powered by Windows Mobile 6 offer a sleek and stylish design as well.

In addition to the looks, the new mid-range phones of Realme offer some unique features as well. The microSD slot which is accessible through the USB port of the phone provides users with expansion options for their data storage requirements. There is also a slot where you can insert your standard gt phone. Apart from these, the feature-set of the Realme GT master edition comes with similar features to the standard of phone including text, email, internet browsing, and playing ringtones. However, there are certain exclusive mobile apps which can be used with these phones such as a weather-alert service, contact lens, calculator, and much more.

This mid-range phone offers a unique feature which is similar to Apple’s Camera app which is the ability to create beautiful photographs and videos with its high-tech image editing tools. This software has been pre-loaded on the phone, which allows users to capture and edit high light shots. You can also edit and enhance color photos and videos. This unique feature which was not available on the standard Realme gt master edition comes along with the Realme GT Plus. The Plus edition also offers similar functionality to the Plus model of Realme.

The camera of this industrial designer realme gt master edition is equipped with an auto-focus system to enable users to take clear and powerful pictures with good clarity. The phone also features a high-speed infrared mode for shooting in low light conditions. The phone has an eight-megapixel camera with auto focus and image stabilization, which enables you to take clear pictures even in dimly lit surroundings. The camera also has an eight megapixel front facing camera and a four megapixel digital camera. The Naoto Fujisawa Naoto Fuji Tourmaline model of the Realme has a built-in memory card that stores images taken with the camera.

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