Learning About One’s Personality With Horoscopes

This month you’ll be working hard and playing hard. This is the stitch in time saves 9 part of the annual Sun cycle and the practical/physical aspects of your life on earth will be highlighted. You may be trying to get things running smoothly, so you’ll want to get straight with repairs, maintenance etc. or pay more attention to health and diet – yours or another’s, as organizing all that basic stuff helps you pave the way for better conditions in the future.

So, at times, you’ll be tackling the devil in the detail, and reading the small print, but with Venus in a work orientated area, maybe it’s you and a someone whistling while you work, or you’ll have more opportunity to socialize or connect with someone romantically in a working type environment.

The mental focus will be on partners, opposite numbers or others in close working or personal relationships. More corresponding, chatting, explaining or negotiating is likely.

There’s a danger you’ll over-indulge or burn the candle at both ends with Mars in such a playful area though. More involvement in entertaining activities is likely or a hobby or leisure pursuit, but avoid taking risks. You are probably feeling more adventurous and ready to party and not backwards in coming forwards in love relationships. There’s likely to be more attention on children or animals at this time as well.


Jupiter at the root of your chart for several months brings with it an increased sense of stability and security related to home, family, and your sense of belonging. Externally, your base of operations could change, expand or move over the months Jupiter is transiting here. It could mean you are coming and going more, or have more long-distance interests. If you are looking, this is a good time to relocate, or have intermittent access to an environment you prefer, which may be at a distance. Jupiter is a teacher planet and that indicates you will be learning new things through family or those in the community at home or over the wires during the next months even though it may be a neighbourhood or culture which is strange, exotic or simply not what you are used to.

Saturn tends to make it more difficult to get your head outside of the box it is habitually inside, but you will have a yearning to learn and understand and get the eagle-eye view. Saturn needs proof, it’s true, but be careful you miss something which is right under your nose. There will probably be challenge related to a teacher, academia, spiritual philosophies or a foreign land. You may be questioning the relevance of certain past interests, the veracity of knowledge or beliefs, some of which you took onboard earlier in life, you may be getting a new perspective on things during this Saturn transit. It could also be a geographical location as well. But Saturn responds well to a persistent approach and so if you are yearning for pastures new geographically or academically you will finally experience the true reality of previous ideals and aspirations which may not quite be what you visualized by the end of the transit in 2012.

Uranus, your ruling planet, will be working from Aries for about 7 years gradually changing the way you think and even the language or jargon you use. It will bestow wonderful opportunities to open your mind to new concepts, and through comings and goings in your community, expand your thinking and maybe get you interested in studying a weird subject like astrology or something in the sciences but with an unconventional slant or application. This energy also favours, anything innovative in the field of IT or sustainable energy, or other areas you might term ‘alien’ and which put you ahead of the rest. Aquarians born in the first week or in the first 7 degrees rising will feel this vibration most this month. virgo horoscope

Neptune temporarily moved out of your sign on April 5th bringing a sense of reality where dreams and ideals are concerned. This new position of Neptune may facilitate the earthing of your talents into skills and your skills into cash if developed in the right manner. Some of you may use creative imagination, intuition or involvement in worthy causes more to earn money. Aquarians born in the last three days of the sign or with twenty-eight degrees of Aquarius rising will still be in the previous cycle until next year.

For many years to come, Pluto will continue to root out old habits and knee-jerk responses which are counterproductive. Helping you to slay the demons and regenerate from deep levels. Aquarians born Jan 24th-30th or within 3-8 degrees Aquarius rising will feel this vibration most strongly this month.


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