Mouse Cat Toys for Your Kitty

When you are interested in finding cat toys for your pet, you will find there are many different types of toys that are available. One of the most popular cat toys is toy mice. For centuries, catnip filled mice have been a favorite toy among cats.

Vo-Toys manufactures a huge variety of toy mice for your furry friend. Some are made with real rabbit fur and some are made with synthetic fur. There are mouse toys that make a peep sound to imitate a real mouse sound, mouse toys with feather tails and even some with squeakers in them. Vo-Toys manufactures toy mice in a variety of sizes, even some that are life size. VIP cat toys (for your Very Important Pet), include yarn mice, super charged mice that come packed in catnip pellets (to ensure your feline friend will be amused for hours with catnip scented mice) and many others. Some toy mice rattle and some don’t. There is a mouse toy for every cat’s preference.

If your kitty likes toy mice, the best buy is the Zanies Cheese Wedge filled with 60 tiny mice. They are available in a cardboard mouse body covered with rabbit fur and treated with catnip (Furry Mice) or colorful rattling mice with plastic body’s covered in rabbit fur (Rainbow Mice). The cardboard cheese wedge has holes in it, sort of like Swiss cheese, you can poke out the holes and set it on the counter and watch your fur baby select the mouse they want to play with. When they loose the toy under the dishwasher or stove they can come back to the box and take another mouse of their choosing. These mice are also available in bulk packs, without the cheese wedge box. Scratch and Purr

Cats like to play with small mouse toys. These toys are small enough for them to bat, carry and are sure to provide hours of amusement for your kitty.

There are literally hundreds of different mouse toys available to keep your cat amused for hours (and hours) on end. These toys are relatively inexpensive and provide your cat with the sense of natural play (the stalking, the chase and the kill). Cats have been known to stash or hide the little mice to play with whenever they want to and even sleep with them. Cats, especially those that are strictly indoor kitties, love mouse toys.

With so many mouse cat toys available to choose from, your cat can have a toy box filled full of adorable little mice for a small amount of money. These toys are inexpensive enough to try several different types to see what your kitty likes best. Cat toys promote healthy exercise which is very important for the long term health and well being of your feline friend.



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