OnePlus 9R 5G – Why it is So Popular


The all new OnePlus 9R from Oppos is a powerful smartphone with multiple features. The dual screen design along with a smooth and attractive user interface are its main attractions for a smartphone in this price range. It is worth noting that it is one of the first smartphones to have a USB Type-C port and offers support for High-Bandwidth Digital Camera (HDC) and USB Type-A ports. This gives it great value for money as it offers high speed data transfer and storage with great flexibility when it comes to connecting different peripherals. OnePlus 9R 5G

The powerful features of the Oppos Oppo smartphone means it packs a lot into its relatively small body. There is no doubt that the dual-core chipset and Adreno engine are the driving factors behind the smartphone’s power but it also benefits from other technologies such as the HiSilence technology with its dual tone alarm. The camera is another big claim to fame with the OnePlus 9R and with a 5 megapixel primary camera and 13 megapixel secondary camera it certainly packs a punch. Users will certainly appreciate the increased photo and video quality and many who have used the smartphone point out that even the low-light modes can deliver some brilliant shots.

However, the main highlight for this handset is probably the high-end features that it offers. The most obvious one is that it comes with a contract deal with Oxygen on a monthly basis which pays out a total of twenty three thousand pounds. This is significantly higher than the price of the same product from any of the other main UK wireless network providers. For anyone looking for value for money when it comes to buying a new smartphone it is hard to beat the deal. One plus point is that the smartphone supports Google Android operating system so users do not need to look too far if they want access to all the Google apps.

This is just one of the perks that comes with the smartphone and in addition to all the high-end parts it also packs a host of features which makes it appealing to a wide range of users. Starting with the design the phone comes with a body which is rather chunky and does not resemble anything that would be considered a smartphone. At first glance it looks just like a rectangular slab but after taking it home and having a better look the black screen certainly looks different and is no where near as ugly as it looks. The fingerprint scanner which is present on the home key is one of the best features on this smartphone and the overall build quality of the handset is very solid.

When it comes to power the OnePlus 9R comes with everything that you would expect from a modern day smartphone and is powered by an interface called Oxygen OS. What this means is that this phone runs on the Android operating system and not the iPhone or any other lesser versions which might be available from the various carriers. With Oxygen OS 3.5 which is currently being rolled out by the company this means that users will be able to enjoy all the features that Oxygen OS has to offer without having to deal with the problems associated with the older versions. The Oxygen OS 3.5 update is being rolled out all over the world starting with the United Kingdom and users in the area will be able to enjoy the latest OxygenOS experience for free as long as they have the OnePlus 9R.

One of the most impressive aspects of the smartphone is its build quality and this is enhanced by the fact that the company has made use of metal alloys in the body of the smartphone. One of the best features of this smartphone is its dual camera setup which allows for users to take better pictures in both low light and high light conditions. The second camera on the Oxygen OS 3.5 also has a built in GPS chip which means that users will get directions from anywhere in the world directly to their location. Apart from all these features the Oxygen OS also offers users a lot of entertainment options like music player, video player and a news reader. There are plenty more exciting features that the handset comes with and users can look forward to more exciting additions as the platform gets more popular amongst users. All in all the OxygenOS has come out a winner with its unique blend of impressive features and looks.

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