Skateboards Buying Guide

Skateboarding is fun and inexpensive and you do not require a team to go skateboarding. It is more than a fun activity as it benefits your body in many ways You will increase your muscle endurance, flexibility, and burn as much calories as are burnt by running but without affecting your joints. You can also customize your skateboard according to your personal needs and requirements, but if you are a beginner, it is recommended that you should prefer pre-built complete skateboards. Following are some guidelines to help you in buying an appropriate skateboard for enjoying various skateboarding tricks:

Style and comfort

Before buying a skateboard, it is very important to decide the style of skateboard according to the type of skating preferred. Skateboards come in three styles- street, park (or ramp), and longboards. Street and ramp skateboards are almost same and the difference lies in the size of the wheels. Buy a street skateboard if your skating involves flip tricks or grinds, and you like skating on the streets. If you like skating at the skate park or vert ramps, then prefer buying the ramp style skateboard. Longboards are used for either downhill racing or transportation and sidewalk surfing. It’s important that the skates offer comfort and rigid ankle support.

Choosing the deck

Before choosing a deck, knowing its size and style is very important. Ramp tricks can be made easier with the help of a wider deck but flip tricks are difficult to perform with it. Flip tricks or street skating can be easily performed with the skateboards having smaller decks. But a person who wants to learn both the styles (street and ramps) should look for a skateboard deck that is neither too wide nor too narrow. If you want to use skateboards for transportation purpose, then prefer buying the bigger boards. electric skateboard spares

Selecting the wheels and trucks

Choosing the right size and hardness of your skateboard wheels is very important. The size and hardness of the skateboard wheels may vary according to the type of skating preferred. For performing tricks like kickflips and ollies, the street skaters prefer small and hard wheels. Hard wheels are also preferable for vert skating. The size of trucks to be used depends upon the size of wheels and deck. Trucks of greater height require higher wheels and your truck size should be within 1/4″ of the size of the deck.

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